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10 Unique Japanese Kit Kat Flavours You Have To Try




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Japan is home to over 300 unique Japanese Kit Kat flavours, and it is easily the most famous chocolate brand in Japan. Fun fact: Kit Kat is commonly given as a gift to people taking their exams, or anyone needing a little boost of luck. Its name, which sounds like ‘kitto katsu’, is a Japanese expression of good luck!

Capitalizing on this, Nestle Japan has churned out tons of unique Japanese Kit Kat flavours, inspired by local cities, regions, and seasons. 

The next time you’re in Japan, make sure to stop by Don Quijote where you can pick up some exclusive Kit Kats, or drop by the Kit Kat Chocolatory in Ginza for some of the more premium flavours. There’s even a Kit Kat café there where you can indulge in some Kit Kat-inspired desserts!

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Still wondering which Kit Kats to buy? Today we’re counting down a host of unique Japanese Kit Kat flavours to help you make that decision!

1. Strawberry Cheesecake Kit Kat

unique japanese kit kat flavours - strawberry cheesecake
Photo credit: blog.fromjapan.co.jp

White chocolate infused with strawberry and a cream cheese filling make this chocolate wafer one of the most popular Kit Kats in Japan. They are inspired by the Yokohama region of Japan, which is famous for its creative takes on Western sweets. More specifically, the classic American cheesecake is something bakers in Yokohama have made completely their own

2. Shinshu Apple Kit Kat

unique japanese kit kat flavours - shinshu apple
Photo credit: letsomnom.com

These special-edition Shinshu Apple Kit Kat feature wafers covered in apple-flavored milk chocolate. The Shinshu region in Nagano Prefecture is known for  – you guessed it – apples! Crisp and fresh, just like an apple, this Kit Kat may not keep the doctor away, but they sure taste good.

3. Masuizumi Japan Sake Kit Kat

unique japanese kit kat flavours - maisuizumi sake
Photo credit: soranews24.com
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With 0.4% alcohol in each serving, this one is for the adults only! This premium Kit Kat is a collaboration between former Japanese football-star-turned-sake-connoisseur Hidetoshi Nakata and Masuizumi, the renowned sake brewery in Toyama. You can smell the sake as soon as you open up the Kit Kat, and the brewery’s dry and crisp sake pairs like a dream with the white chocolate. 

4.  Uji Hojicha Kit Kat 

unique japanese kit kat flavours - uji hojicha
Photo credit: matcha-jp.com

We’ve all had enough of matcha, so taste the essence of Kyoto with this Uji Hojicha Kit Kat. It features wafers smothered in hojicha (roasted green tea) infused chocolate. The toastiness of the hojicha comes through beautifully with a mellow bitterness. If you like tea and your sweets to have a refined, sweet-but-not-too-sweet flavour, you’ll definitely enjoy this.

5. Azuki Sando Kit Kat

unique japanese kit kat flavours - azuki sando
Photo credit: bento-daisuki.de

Inspired by the red bean snack widely popular in Nagoya, this azuki-sando (red bean paste sandwich) Kit Kat doesn’t look that different from a regular Kit Kat at first glance. The real surprise is when you bite into it, and the taste of red bean hits you!

6. Tokyo Banana Kit Kat

unique japanese kit kat flavours - tokyo banana
Photo credit: thecakeboutiquect.com
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A collaboration with the popular souvenir snack brand, this Kit Kat is exactly what you expect. It really tastes like the custard-filled mini banana cakes that Tokyo Banana is known for! Fans of Tokyo Banana (or just bananas really), you’ll definitely want to grab some of these before you go back home.

7. Amaou Strawberry Kit Kat

unique japanese kit kat flavours - amaou strawberry
Photo credit: jw-webmagazine.com

This Kyushu edition of Kit Kat features premium Amaou strawberries from Fukuoka Prefecture. Known as the king of strawberries, Amaou strawberries are a bright-red colour, large in size and intensely sweet. This Kit Kat perfectly captures it, and it reminds us of strawberry ice cream! (Not the artificially-flavoured ones, but the atas ones made with real strawberries)

8. Sublime Kit Kat

unique japanese kit kat flavours - sublime
Photo credit: nerdist.com

Think the Kit Kats have been impressive so far? The Sublime Kit Kat series is the luxurious, ultra-premium version. You can only get them at the dedicated Kit Kat Chocolatory, and they cost ¥400 (S$5) for just a single bar! These raw chocolates are worth trying though, especially the Ruby Sublime. It is the world’s first chocolate bar made from ruby cacao beans, which have a natural red-pink hue and taste like berries!

9. Whisky Barrel Aged Kit Kat

unique japanese kit kat flavours - whisky barrel aged
Photo credit: soranews24.com

One of Nestle Japan’s newest releases, this high-end chocolate is made with cacao nibs aged for 180 days in whisky barrels.  The barrels impart a unique smokiness and depth to the chocolate, perfect for adults who enjoy the delicate aroma and taste of whisky. They cost ¥300 (S$3.80) each and are exclusively available at Kit Kat Chocolatory boutiques.

10. Blindfold Chocolatory Kit Kat

unique japanese kit kat flavours - blindfold chocolatory
Photo credit: moshimoshi-nippon.jp

What’s the flavour of this limited-edition Kit Kat? Well… We don’t know.  The Japanese name of this line is mekakushi, which means to cover one’s eyes. There is no flavour written on the box, and this line of Kit Kat is meant to deliver an experience as though you are blindfolded. Illustrated by Misaki Tanaka, there are 15 unique pictures adorning the pretty packaging, and each one comes with a poetic quote to describe the Kit Kat’s flavour.

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