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6 Top Things to Do in Puerto Rico




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In the island paradise that is Puerto Rico, the possibilities are endless. You can kayak in bioluminescent bays, try the best local rum, or go waterfall chasing in a rainforest. The hardest part about all this is choosing what to include in your list of ‘things to do in Puerto’ Rico! While you decide, hang out on one of the island’s beautiful beaches. Puerto Rico is filled with exhilarating adventures just waiting for you to experience them. Here are some of the best things to do in Puerto Rico!

1. Visit Mosquito Bay

things to do in puerto rico - Mosquito Bay
Photo credit: twitter.com

On the island of Vieques is a magical place on earth. Despite its rather unfitting name, Mosquito Bay is a magnificent natural wonder, where organisms in the water erupt in a bright blue light when they come into contact with another organism. In 2017, Hurricane Maria caused much destruction on the island, and the bay went dark. To everyone’s surprise, the bioluminescent bay not only recovered, it is also brighter than it ever was before. Try to avoid a full moon night, and you can also go out in a kayak to get the full experience of the glow.

2. Hit the beach

puerto rico beaches - flamenco beach
Photo credit: discoverpuertorico.com

If you can dream it, you can beach it in Puerto Rico. Blessed with miles of golden white sand and turquoise water, is it any surprise why Puerto Rico is nicknamed the Island of Enchantment? From secluded bays, stunning snorkelling spots and epic waves for surfers, there is a stretch of shoreline for you. Check out some of the best beaches in Puerto Rico to spend your time in. 

3. Explore Old San Juan

things to do in puerto rico - Old San Juan
Photo credit: discoverpuertorico.com
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The National Historic Landmark District of Old San Juan is the oldest settlement within Puerto Rico. It’s here where you’ll find attractions like San Felipe del Morro, Castillo San Cristóbal and Calle de la Fortaleza. While most people do take advantage of seeing the historic and iconic sights, many also visit Old San Juan just to experience the area and soak in 500 years of history.

4. San Felipe del Morro

things to do in puerto rico - El Morro
Photo credit: worldatlas.com

Castillo San Felipe del Morro is a fort built by the Spanish in the 1500s. Later, it was modified by the US government after Puerto Rico became a US territory. The centuries-old fort is now the most famous tourist attraction in the country. Anyone bored by history or who can’t stand being under the sun should miss it, but everyone else who’s done seeing the fort should head over to El Morro’s esplanade. Buy a kite from the kiosks there and spend the afternoon flying kites in El Morro!

5. Go on an outdoor adventure at El Yunque Rainforest

el yunque rainforest
Photo credit: nodestinations.com

If El Morro is the most popular tourist attraction in Puerto Rico, then El Yunque Rainforest comes a close second. It is home to an incredible amount of biodiversity even after Hurricane Maria. Although, only about 40 percent of the forest is open to the public while recovery continues. El Yunque makes for a great day trip from San Juan. Nature lovers will delight in the hiking trails as well as astonishing waterfalls to swim in.

6. Visit local rum distilleries

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If you love rum, Puerto Rico is one of the best places to learn about its craftsmanship and rich history. Casa Bacardí is the world’s largest premium rum distillery. It will wow you with its pavilion, premium selection, and views of Old San Juan. Hacienda Santa Ana is a time portal back to the late 1800s, where you’ll walk through the production process of Ron del Barrilito. Or, take a daytrip to the town of Jayuya for some flavorful pitorro moonshine at the PitoRico distillery.

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