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5 Most Majestic Switzerland Mountains to Visit in Person




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Switzerland is blessed with some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes. Lakes, rivers, meadows, glaciers – Switzerland has it all. But the one thing that most clearly connects with Switzerland are its unique mountains and sceneries. Right in the heart of the Alps, Switzerland’s mountains are some of the most beautiful in the world. In winter or summer, to ski or to hike, Switzerland is a paradise for both powder hounds and avid hikers. Here are five of the most majestic Switzerland mountains to see in person!

1. Matterhorn

switzerland mountain - matterhorn
Photo credit: forbes.com

Matterhorn is one of the most beautiful Switzerland mountains located in Zermatt, one of the most beautiful Swiss municipalities. Unless you’re an experienced mountaineer, you will not be able to reach its summit, but it’s quite easy to get to its base. You can also hike to Hörnli hut, where the mountaineers stay overnight before continuing their ascent up. If not, you can choose to look at Zermatt from afar. Lake Schwarzsee and Stellisee have some of the best views, or you can take the train up to the Gornergrat. Or, just enjoy the view from Zermatt town!

2. Eiger

switzerland mountains - Eiger
Photo credit: journeyera.com

Part of the Bernese Alps, Eiger overlooks Grindelwald and Lauterbrunnen in the Bernese Oberland of Switzerland. Its most notable feature is its nearly 1,800-metre high (5,900 ft) north face of rock and ice. Named Eiger-Nordwand, it is the biggest north face in the Alps. Reaching the summit is for experienced climbers only. For hikers, you can head to Grindelwald First to get a stunning view of Eiger and its neighbours, Jungfrau and Mönch. Or you can head to the other side of the valley and walk under the Eiger on the Eiger Trail. A railway tunnel also runs inside the mountain, and two internal stations provide easy access to viewing-windows carved into the rock face. Simply hop on the Jungfrau Railway line, which runs from Kleine Scheidegg to the Jungfraujoch.

3. Monte Rosa

Monte Rosa
Photo credit: zermatt.ch
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Monte Rosa is the highest mountain in Switzerland. It is a popular spot for mountaineering, hiking, skiing and snowboarding. Plateau Rosa is a summer ski area, with snow all year round thanks to its altitude. As with many other Switzerland mountains, summiting Monte Rosa is for experienced climbers only. Other physically fit mortals can do a ten-day hiking tour, which takes you through mountain towns and many ancient trails to see some of the most beautiful mountains in the Alps. If you’re short on time, you can head to the futuristic-looking Monte Rosa hut for an overnight stay. It is at the foot of the mountain, but getting here will require a mountain guide and crossing a small glacier. For the least amount of exertion, join the many tourists who visit the Gornergrat. Here, enjoy the panorama that extends over the giants of the Alps, from Monte Rosa to the Matterhorn.

4. Pilatus

Photo credit: audleytravel.com

If you’re in Lucerne, Mount Pilatus is a must-visit. Steeped in tales and legends, it is said to be a dragon’s lair, home of giants and even that grave of Pontius Pilate. One thing we know for sure is that unlike other Switzerland mountains, you do not need experience to summit the mountain. All it takes is a relaxing ride on the Pilatus Railway, or a gondola from Kriens. Avid hikers can also hike up from Alpnachstad in about three to four hours, and even venture a little further and higher to Tomlishorn peak.

5. Rigi

Photo credit: viator.com

Known as the ‘Queen of the Mountains’, Mount Rigi is in the heart of Central Switzerland sitting between Lakes Lucerne, Zug and Lauerz. It is accessible from every direction and the area offers many activities such as skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer. Visitors can get to the summit via a cogwheel railway from Vitznau or Goldau. At the top, admire a magnificent panorama overlooking Lake Lucerne and the nearby Alps, and to the Swiss Plateau looking north. For hiking enthusiasts, this mountain provides 120km long trails. There are also restaurants on the mountain, and activities to do such as bike tours and paragliding.

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