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6 Beautiful Puerto Rico Beaches You’ll Love




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In Puerto Rico, if you can dream it, you can surely beach it. Blessed with miles of golden and white sand, turquoise water backed by emerald hues, is it any surprise why Puerto Rico is nicknamed the Island of Enchantment? From secluded bays, stunning snorkelling spots and epic waves for surfers, there is a stretch of shoreline made for you. Here are six beautiful Puerto Rico beaches that should be on your agenda!

1. Playa Flamenco, Culebra

puerto rico beaches - flamenco beach
Photo credit: discoverpuertorico.com

Take a day trip from the main island to Culebra and Playa Flamenco, which regularly ranks as one of the best Puerto Rico beaches. The waves are almost non-existent here and the water is warm, making it a great spot for those who want to swim or just float in the ocean on their backs. Make sure to check out the Sherman tanks at the far end of the beach. Abandoned by the US Navy in 1975, their main purpose now is to serve as icons for Playa Flamenco.

2. Sun Bay Beach, Vieques

puerto rico beaches - sun bay
Photo credit: thefullpassport.com

Vieques is another small island about eight miles south of the main island. Sun Bay Beach has all the amenities you could hope for, such as lifeguards as well as a cafe. Measuring a mile (1.6km), it rarely appears busy. Even with 100 people lying on the beach or playing on it, it will still seem far from crowded. But the main star of the show in Vieques is the bioluminescent phenomenon that happens at night. Head over to the southern shore of the island to witness the sea lighting up in electric blue!

3. Isla Verde, San Juan

puerto rico beaches - isla verde
Photo credit: tripadvisor.com
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Beyond the skyscrapers of the lively San Juan is an award-winning beach with soft, golden sand and bright blue water. Isla Verde is a beach resort area hosting some of Puerto Rico’s best luxury hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes. If you’re not staying at one of the resorts, you can rent beach chairs on the sand. There are also a number of water sports from jet skiing to parasailing. There are some decent waves too!

4. Playa las Picuas, Rio Grande

Playa las Picuas
Photo credit: flickr.com

We’ve seen movies or dreamt of destinations where we can walk out of a jungle and straight into a deserted beach, and you can do that exactly at Playa las Picuas. This secluded haven is at the end of a jungle, and apart from a handful of small private houses, you won’t find much else. The small bay transitions seamlessly from sand to shoreline to water, and on some days the waves are also big enough to bodysurf. 

5. Rincón

puerto rico beaches - rincon
Photo credit: danaberez.com

Rincón is a popular surf destination and home to some of the best Puerto Rico beaches. Domes is a popular spot, with consistent waves throughout the winter season. Another great surf spot especially for those starting out is Maria’s. On smaller days they make great beginner waves, and even more seasoned surfers will enjoy the long rides. For a relaxing sunbathing session, Pools is a lovely beach. The reef is really shallow so swimming isn’t ideal here, but there are ‘pools’ for you to dip and cool off in! At times when the conditions are right, there are also great waves here.

6. Playa Carlos Rosario, Culebra

playa carlos rosario
Photo credit: boricuaonline.com
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This rugged stretch of beach in Culebra is well worth the 20-minute hike to get to from the parking lot at Flamenco Beach. Walking along the forested fringes of the Reserva Natural de Culebra, you’ll soon arrive at Playa Carlos Rosario. We hope you didn’t forget your snorkelling gear – this remote beach is one of the best snorkelling areas thanks to a barrier reef. Watch clouds of reef fish go about their business in the shallows, but watch out for the water taxis and local boats that use this channel.

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