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8 Osaka Street Food You Have to Try




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There’s so much good food in Osaka that sometimes it’s really difficult to choose. Today, we’ll take you around to some of our favorite Osaka street food today. They are mainly in Dotonbori and the surrounding areas, which means they are convenient and easy to locate. From jiggly cheesecake to Kobe beef sushi, here are the best Osaka street food you have to try!

1. Cheesecake at Rikuro Ojisan no Mise

osaka street food - Rikuro Ojisan no Mise
Photo credit: youtube.com

The shop‘s name literally translates to ‘Uncle Rikuro’s Shop’ so you know it’s a local specialty. And even more impressive is that you can enjoy the cheesecake straight from the oven! They make a small number of cakes from morning to night in order to serve it as fresh as possible to each customer. The cheesecake is incredibly fluffy and moist, and the first bite is like biting into the lightest and fluffiest scrambled eggs you’ve ever had. Unlike Western cheesecakes that are more cheesy and custardy, this one is eggier and lighter which is also nice. There are actually two places in the store where you can buy it from – outside or inside. We recommend getting it outside where they’re freshly baked! They’re also rather large so best to have three to four friends to share it with.

2. Handmade Butaman at Futami no Butaman

osaka street food - Futami no Butaman
Photo credit: rubbisheatrubbishgrow.com

This shop has been around for 75 years in the same location and it’s the only location in Osaka. Butaman are steamed pork buns and these are just absolutely perfect. The meat and onion mix is perfectly marinated, and the sweetness along with savouriness is a perfect combination. The bun itself is really tender, chewy and juicy. We kinda wish there was a little bit more meat to the ratio of the bun but aside from that, this butaman is one of the best Osaka street food you’ll ever have!

3. Black Takoyaki at Kukuru

osaka street food - Kukuru
Photo credit: pinterest.com
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Takoyaki is as basic as you can get when it comes to Osaka street food and Kukuru is one of the most popular takoyaki shops here. Today, we’re sharing with you something that’s not on the menu – black takoyaki! Made with squid ink, the black takoyaki is a secret menu item. If you ask for the black takoyaki at the counter, they’ll take you downstairs to the basement, to a special spot by the river where there’s no crowd. Simply a perfect setting to eat takoyaki. Even though they use squid ink, you can’t really tell it so much and it tastes just like regular takoyaki. This Osaka street food may be a novelty, but still one of the coolest takoyakis in town!

4. Baby Castella at IKKI

osaka street food - ikki
Photo credit: pinterest.com

Castella is often found as Japanese festival food, but IKKI made it into these cute treats! Served with a generous dusting of powder sugar and a side of chocolate fondue, these baby castella are like a perfect donut ball baby. Except that it’s not fried at all and tastes more like a cake! Soft, light and fluffy, it pairs perfectly with the rich and sweet chocolate. If you have a sweet tooth, make sure to try some for yourself!

5. Curry Pan at Yamabiko Bakery

Yamabiko Bakery
Photo credit: mangoplate.com

Hidden inside of a shopping mall there’s a cute little bakery. We love the variety of baked goods on their menu and everything looks so scrumptious! But today, we’re talking about their curry pan! It looks so good, and it almost has like these golden bubbles on the outside. The inside is filled with curry and big chunks of meat, and the spicy kick is just the cherry on top. The curry bun is well-seasoned and the bread is nice and crunchy. When you’re strolling and exploring in Osaka, It makes for a lovely midday snack.

6. Takosen at Kougaryu

Photo credit: itisapieceofcake.blogspot.com
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Kougaryu is a popular takayaki shop known to be the first shop to use mayonnaise on their takoyaki! But today we’re talking about their uniquely created cheese takosen. It looks like takoyaki in a taco shell, but actually it only looks like one. The “taco shell” is actually senbei! Inside, there is taco, cheese, mayonnaise and takoyaki. The combination of textures is awfully satisfying – you’ve got the hard crunchy outside and the cheesy, gooey takoyaki which is just amazing together.

7. Okonomiyaki at Mizuno

Okonomiyaki Mizuno
Photo credit: mytravelbuzz.com

A Michelin-star okonomiyaki shop that’s worth the wait, this place seems always busy so come prepared to wait! The most popular item here is the yamaimo-yaki. Made without wheat flour it has a fluffy texture. It’s light and easy to eat, and a dish you’ll only find here! Other than that, enjoy a variety of other okonomiyaki, including the orthodox mazeyaki and traditional yoshoku-yaki. Want something classic? Get the mizuno-yaki featuring generous amounts of minced meat and seafood.

8. Kobe Beef Sushi at Steak Sakura

Kobe beef sushi
Photo credit: youtube.com

Steak Sakura is the place to go in Osaka for high-quality Kobe beef, known for its one-of-a-kind flavor and excellent marbling. You’ll get to try different kinds of Kobe beef many different ways here, from a teppanyaki course or slow-cooked in red wine, a la Kobe Beef Bourguignon. What we’re talking about today is their Kobe beef sushi. At 800 yen a pop they’re kind of expensive, but they’ll be the best Kobe beef sushi you’ve ever had. There is wasabi on there, it’s slightly kissed with a torch and the meat is semi-cooked. It is a joyous explosion in the mouth and you can definitely taste how tender and marbled the meat is. It’s impossible to stop at just one!

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