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6 Meditation Retreats in Bali to Find Your Zen




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Bali is a treasured destination for those seeking outdoor adventures, but also a restorative vacation. As a spiritual center that offers calm and respite, meditation retreats in Bali have been all the rage in recent years. More and more people are realizing the importance of slowing down and finding time to be with yourself.

Not sure how to start meditating? Not a fan of sitting still? No problem. These meditation retreats in Bali will help you find your center within picture perfect greenery, fresh mountain air and salty ocean breezes. 

1. Bali Silent Retreat

meditation retreats in bali - bali silent retreat
Photo credit: balisilentretreat.com

Bali Silent Retreat is more than just meditation and yoga on retreat — it’s a self-sustaining eco-sanctuary with ashram-like restorative vibes, inspirational programs and events, as well as the most tasty organic food on the planet. Practice the ‘Art of Nothing’ and simply rest, sleep, eat and repeat – in silence. Or join daily meditation and yoga sessions, walk the labyrinth, soak in the hot springs, cool off in a water meditation, learn about medicinal plants or participate in Balinese cultural activities. Stay a day, a week, a month, or however long you like. You have the freedom to create your own schedule and shape your inner journey, in profound peace and silence.

2. Nirarta Centre for Living Awareness

meditation retreats in bali - nirarta
Photo credit: booking.com
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Looking for a mixture of mountains and the ocean as the backdrop for your spiritual journey? Nirarta Centre is where to go. The centre offers one-to-one work, retreats and seminars aimed at supporting deep transformation and the natural process of unfolding. You have full control here and can most definitely design your very own retreat. If you are at a turning point personally or professionally, a specially guided Nirarta experience can also help you carve time out to renew purpose, meaning, and focus. 

3. Bliss Sanctuary For Women

meditation retreats in bali - bliss sanctuary
Photo credit: blisssanctuaryforwomen.com

Bliss Sanctuary For Women combines the experience of a dedicated women’s retreat in a blissful sanctuary. You can follow your bliss your way and create your own meditation timetable, or if you’re new to it, there are packages where you can learn 1:1 with an instructor. You can choose to have these sessions at the sanctuary in the beautiful tropical garden yoga shala or in the comfort of your air conditioned room, or even at the beach for sunset. Combine meditation sessions with massages, yoga sessions and wellness baths to help support your journey within yourself.

4. Blooming Lotus Yoga

meditation retreats in bali - blooming lotus yoga
Photo credit: blooming-lotus-yoga.org

Need to slow down, clarify your purpose in the world, or want to go deep within? The meditation retreats at Blooming Lotus Yoga will be perfect for you. The beginner and intermediate retreats provide a strong foundation for you to continue a meditation practice at home, as well as qualify you to teach meditation to others. Apart from meditation sessions, all meditation retreats include yoga classes, daily talks, accommodation and meals.

5. Balitrees

meditation retreats in bali - balitrees
Photo credit: bookretreats.com
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Balitrees is set within the most beautiful surroundings: it is a rice paddies and palm trees galore. What makes it better is the fact that it is set in a peaceful quiet village with no other kinds of tourism apart from this small retreat. Balitrees offer a unique retreat that combines the experience of real Balinese culture, yoga and meditation practices. All the teachers are members of the oldest spiritual ashram in Bali and have decades of experience under their belts. If you’re seeking out a meditation retreat that takes the Balinese route, their retreats will be perfect for you.

6. Samyama Meditation & Mindfulness Center

meditation retreats in bali - samyama
Photo credit: samyama.com

If you already have a strong meditation practice in place, Samyama offers a unique form of Dark Room Retreat. Of all the meditation retreats in Bali, this is probably the most intense. A dark retreat is an ancient healing practice, especially helpful during challenging times, or when you need a deeply restorative break. During a dark retreat you eat, sleep and practice completely in the dark for as long as you please (Samyama recommends a minimum of 3 days). The room is basic and comfortable, completely light sealed so that the mind can focus inward in a new way. This is not a beginner’s retreat, but if you’re seeking a breakthrough in your spiritual journey, Samyama provides everything you need so you can focus solely on your practice.

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