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5 Reasons You Should Visit Isla Mujeres, Mexico




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Isla Mujeres in Mexico is a dreamy destination that must be experienced, whether within one of the island’s luxurious resorts or on a day trip from Cancun. The island has a history that dates back 1500 years, where it was revered by the Mayans as a holy place. Today, Isla Mujeres continues to be held in high esteem, celebrated by locals and tourists alike. At just seven kilometres long and 650 metres wide, the island might be small but it is charming. The tranquil environment, friendly locals, gorgeous beaches and of course, delectable food are a warm welcome for everyone who comes. If you need more convincing, read on for the reasons why you should visit Isla Mujeres!

1. The beaches

isla mujeres - playa norte
Photo credit: 10best.com

Isla Mujeres’ stunning white sand beaches are some of the Caribbean’s most beautiful. Playa Norte is a sensational stretch of shoreline where visitors can rent umbrellas and chairs and rest under peaceful palm trees. ​​It has calm, clear blue waters perfect for wading and swimming in. It is pristine, but not isolated, with just the right amount of beach bars and restaurants. You can also spend the day at a beach club, and stay for the sunset views!

Garrafon De Castilla
Photo credit: new-nomads.com

For somewhere more off-the-beaten-path, Garrafon De Castilla is also a great place to swim, sun and snorkel. Prices are more affordable here and there is also a smaller crowd, but it is just as spectacular with the right number of amenities. 

2. Ancient ruins

isla mujeres - punta sur ruins
Photo credit: skullslanding.com
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Isla Mujeres once served as the sanctuary for the Mayan goddess Ixchel, the goddess of the moon, happiness, medicine and fertility. A temple to honor her was known to exist on the southern tip of the island, which doubled as a lighthouse for those who would come to worship or harvest salt. Come see its ancient ruins in Punta Sur, which also has incredible cliff views of Cancun and the surrounding bay.

3. The nature

isla mujeres - Punta Sur park
Photo credit: prodiveinternational.com

Speaking about Punta Sur, it is not to be missed by nature lovers too. Mayan ruins aside, Punta Sur is full of epic views, trails, cliffs, iguanas and more. Spending a day in Punta Sur is a great way to get outside and experience something different on the island.

whale sharks
Photo credit: careydivecenter.com

Isla Mujeres is also one of the world’s top destinations for whale watching. If you’re here from June through September, you will have the opportunity to sign up for one of the most amazing experiences of your life – swimming with whale sharks!

4. Water activities

Photo credit: peterbonac.com
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It goes without saying that Isla Mujeres is full of water activities. Take your pick from diving, kayaking, snorkeling, boating, and everything in between. The MUSA underwater sculpture garden is especially note-worthy. Home to over 500 sculptures of people, animals, cars, and more, this underwater museum is also an artificial reef helping plants and corals grow!. Apart from MUSA, there are also several other lovely sites and reefs easily within reach. Don’t miss El Farito with its bright corals and colorful fish!

5. The vibes

isla mujeres
Photo credit: trip.com

As a quiet escape from the party vibes of Cancun, Isla Mujeres’ popularity has grown year after year but it is not over-saturated with tourists. It is a charming gem, especially if you seek out local experiences. There is no need for cars here, and most people explore the island at their own pace with a golf cart. It is also easy to traverse by foot and relatively inexpensive. As you can tell, Isla Mujeres lacks the glitz and glamour like the other bigger and more popular Mexican destinations, which is perfect if that’s what you’re looking for.

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