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7 Best Hong Kong Markets to Shop Till You Drop




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Other than being a foodie’s paradise, Hong Kong is also well known for its street markets. And you can’t say that you’ve experienced local life until you jostle through the crowd to find what you’re looking for, and then haggle the price down! Fake goods are usually common, but you can also find local designers who are trying to climb their way up the fashion world. Hong Kong markets are some of the best places to pick up electronics, unique souvenirs or antiques too! So forget the city’s swanky shopping malls, and fill up your shopping bags here instead.

1. Ladies Market

hong kong market - ladies market
Photo credit: shutterstock.com

Ladies Market is the most famous of all Hong Kong markets. Fake designer goods are readily available here, but selling them is actually illegal in Hong Kong so many vendors may not openly display their goods. Instead, they have a catalogue for customers to pick what they want, and they rent spaces behind them to store their products. Despite its name, Ladies Market also has plenty of options for guys and kids. You can find everything to dress you from head to toe. Don’t be afraid to bust out your bargaining skills – foreigners are usually given a higher price.

2. Temple Street Night Market

hong kong markets - Temple Street Night Market
Photo credit: thehoneycombers.com

Spanning eight blocks, Temple Street Night Market is the largest street market in Hong Kong. Here, you’ll find a wide range of products from apparel to electronics, handicrafts and  jade jewelry. Just like the Ladies’ Market, don’t be afraid to bargain here! Many vendors can speak English too. In addition to its merchandise, the market is also known for its fortune tellers, street food, live portrait painters and Cantonese opera performances.

3. Cat Street

hong kong markets - cat street
Photo credit: shutterstock.com
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Otherwise known as Lascar Row, you can find antiques here such as Chinese pottery, Buddhist statues, old coins, jade jewelry, vintage movie posters and more. However, there’s no way to verify their authenticity, so for real antiques it’s best to go to a reputable store. If you’re not particular about that, then Cat Street is a great place to pick up some quirky souvenirs like old watches, phonographs and works of art. As with other street markets, you should haggle!

4. Apliu Street

hong kong markets - apliu
Photo credit: thehoneycombers.com

For new and preloved electronics, you can find a wide variety of gadgets and appliances here. So if you’re on the lookout for a drone, headphones or random electronic products, you’ll want to be here. Other than electronics, you can also find musical instruments, cheap clothing, accessories and more. Make sure to take your time to hunt for the best bargain, as the same item can cost $25 at one stall and $50 in the other!

5. Jade Market

jade street
Photo credit: cntraveler.com

Jade Market is for jade of all shapes and sizes as well as precious stones and pearls. In Chinese culture wearing jade is believed to bring luck and longevity, so you’ll often find people donning jade bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings. You can find jade pieces of all different price ranges here depending on their quality. As a general rule of thumb, a good piece of jade should have an intense hue and feel cool to the touch. They come in green most commonly, but you can also find jade in lavender or orange. Apart from jewelry, you can also find Buddha statues and carved figurines here.

6. Flower Market

flower market
Photo credit: timeout.com
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Of all the Hong Kong markets, Flower Market is by far the most colourful and the best smelling. On this long street, florists and all things botanical spill out of their stalls and onto the street. You’ll find flowers and potted plants of every kind, from roses to sunflowers, shrubs and bonsai trees. Those with a green thumb can also buy seeds and gardening tools here. It goes without saying that the Flower Market is most crowded before Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day. Even if you’re not buying flowers, it’s still a really nice place to walk and take photos of!

7. Stanley Market

stanley market
Photo credit: hotels.com

Unlike the other Hong Kong markets on this list, Stanley Market is almost geared exclusively towards tourists. It lies on Hong Kong’s southern coast and Stanley is a quaint fishing village, so it feels completely different from the northern shore. There are both indoor and outdoor sections and you’ll find handicrafts, souvenirs, silk, apparel and more. If you’re bad at haggling, then you might be relieved to know that most prices are fixed here and vendors don’t allow for bargaining now. Still, it’s worth a browse to pick up some cute trinkets and souvenirs.

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