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6 Hidden Beaches in Bali to Get Away From the Tourist Crowd




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Everyone loves Bali, but not always the crowd and holidaymakers. Apart from the usual beaches in Kuta, Seminyak and Canggu, there are also hidden beaches in Bali with no pushy touts and crowd. Even though it’s a popular tourist destination, there are still spots where you can get the place for yourself! As of March 2022, Bali is slowly reopening to foreign travellers, so make sure to bookmark this page for your next trip to Bali!

1. Balian Beach

hidden beaches in bali - balian beach
Photo credit: @nika__larionova

A beautiful volcanic black sand beach, Balian offers a beautiful contrast from the usual white sand beaches that Bali is known for. Plus, it has great waves for the surfers out there! Balian beach is further north than the other popular beaches, which explains why it’s quieter here. But being such a beautiful spot, we’re sure that the crowd will pick up in time to come, so we say to visit at the very first chance you get!

2. Nyang Nyang Beach

nyang nyang beach
Photo credit: @ariss_suprihantoo

Nyang Nyang is one of our favourite hidden beaches in Bali. Getting there takes some effort as you need to descend down 500 steps of stairs, but it’s very much worth the effort. After the trek, you’ll be rewarded with 1.5km of pristine white sand and azure waters. The only people here will be the few adventurous explorers like you, the occasional sight of local farmers tending to their crops, or bold surfers at the surf break. Towards the eastern half of the beach, there is also a lonesome split shipwreck perfect for photo ops. You can even set up a tent, start a bonfire and stay overnight at the beach under the stars.

3. Gunung Payung

hidden beaches in bali - gunung payung
Photo credit: idbackpacker.com
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For hidden beaches in Bali, Gunung Payung is one of the more accessible ones, but not without some effort on your part. It takes about 300 steps down a steep cliff! But its remoteness and the effort it takes to get down here means that there are no beach touts or vendors. So much like the other hidden beaches on this list, you should bring your own water and snacks if you need to refuel! The waters here are calm and you can swim in them most of the time but do be careful as there are no lifeguards here, and watch out for sea urchins! They’re not fun to step in.

4. Honeymoon Beach

honeymoon beach
Photo credit: triple8tour.com

Honeymoon beach is a well kept secret amongst the locals and few foreigners that live in Bali. Funny thing is, there isn’t really a beach here, and it is a cliff point where daredevils come to cliff jump from. For those that do not thrive on adrenaline, this is a beautiful spot to catch a sunset, or set up a barbecue with some friends. We’re not sure if this ‘secret’ will remain under wraps for much longer, as there seems to be more people over the last few times we’ve been here. If you can, experience it before the crowd gets out of hand!

5. Gili Putih Sumberkima

gili putih
Photo credit: @wahyuxsaputra

Gili Putih is more than just a hidden beach – it’s an island by itself. Accessible by a quick boat ride from Bangsal harbour, this spot has popped up on the radar recently thanks to its remoteness and scenic nature. There’s not much to do here except to find a quiet spot, kick back and relax, or take some photos for the ‘gram. The sunsets are also absolutely epic here, so if you can, stay for the beautiful display by mother nature. 

6. Yeh Leh

yeh leh
Photo credit: flickr.com
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We’re not surprised if you haven’t heard of Yeh Leh. Just off the Denpasar-Gilimanuk highway in Jembrana, Yeh Leh is not the sandy beaches that you’re used to. Instead, there are thousands of boulders on the shore, either covered in algae or washed clean by the waves. There are few clues about their origin, and over hundreds of years these mysterious rocks have been smoothed over. It remains undeveloped and is a very peaceful spot. Come at low tide to see it in all its glory!

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