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10 Famous Bubble Tea Brands In Taiwan Boba Fans Must Visit




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Welcome to the home of the best bubble teas in the world. Many famous bubble tea brands in Taiwan have established themselves since the drink was invented in the 1980s. Today, you’ll find thousands of bubble tea stalls with unique (and sometimes questionable) flavours.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the famous bubble tea brands in Taiwan. There are so many along the streets and in the night markets trying to grab your attention! A person can only have so many cups of bubble tea in a day. Which one should you go for?

Here at Fravel, we believe that if you’re going to indulge, you might as well go for the very best. We’ve got you covered with 10 famous bubble tea brands in Taiwan you should definitely try!

1) Chun Shui Tang 春水堂

famous bubble tea brands in taiwan - chun shui tang
Photo credit: https://www.facebook.com/ChunShui1983/
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Word has it that Chun Shui Tang was the first one to create the Taiwanese pearl milk tea. As one of the pioneers in the bubble tea industry that is still thriving today, you can trust their recipes to be of a certain calibre. While they’ve grown their menu to be pretty extensive, we highly recommend that you try their Original Pearl Milk Tea first!

Find their outlets here.

2) Hanlin Tea Room 翰林茶館

famous bubble tea brands in taiwan - hanlin tea room
Photo credit: hanlin-tea.com.tw

Another brand claiming to be the original creator of pearl milk tea is Hanlin Tea Room, whose owner Tu Tsung-ho added white pearls to milk tea in 1987. No one knows for sure who actually invented the classic milk tea, but Hanlin’s rendition is well-known for offering both black and white pearls, a tribute to its founder’s original creation. Apart from its bubble tea, Hanlin is also a restaurant that serves up authentic Taiwanese food.

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Locate them here.

3) 50 Lan 50嵐

famous bubble tea brands in taiwan - 50 lan
Photo credit: u88.com

50 Lan is known as KOI in Singapore and other countries. You won’t have any trouble locating an outlet during your trip in Taiwan – just keep an eye out for their bright yellow and blue signboard that resembles a minion. The brand offers five categories of tea varieties: tea, milk tea, latte, juice and jelly. One unique feature is that they have mini-pearls, which makes chewing more fun as you slurp on your bubble tea!

Visit one of their outlets here.

4) Ten Ren 天仁茗茶

best bubble tea brands in taiwan - ten ren
Photo credit: ubereats.com
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Ten Ren is a company known for their tea and ginseng products, and they believe in bringing the healthiest bubble tea options to the masses. So if you’re looking for cheesy milk teas – you won’t find any of that here! Instead, expect less sugary and healthier options such Black/Green Milk Tea with Pearls, 913 King’s Oolong Milk Tea, Taro Green Milk Tea, Dark Oolong Latte, and Orange Green Tea.

Find them here.

5) Share Tea 歇腳亭

famous bubble tea brands in taiwan - sharetea
Photo credit: instagram.com/sharetea_1992

As one of the most famous bubble tea brands in Taiwan, Share Tea has more than 90 outlets and a strong base of loyal customers. What sets this bubble tea brand apart is the quality of tea leaves that they use. If you like your bubble tea to be more like a good tea than milky, this would be a winner for you. Their recommended drinks include Assam Black Tea, Ruby Black Tea , Strawberry Mojito, Dongding Oolong Tea and Whole Fruit Tea.

Locate their outlets here.

6) Yi Fang Tea 一芳水果茶

famous bubble tea brands in taiwan - yi fang tea
Photo credit: instagram.com/yifangtea.official

When you want to take a break from the regular milk tea and exchange it for a cup of refreshing and fruity goodness instead, look to Yi Fang Tea. Known for creating fruit teas based on ancestral recipes, these bubble teas are made with 100-percent natural ingredients, premium tea leaves and fresh seasonal fruits. Try their Yi Fang Signature Fruit Tea, Passion Fruit Green Tea, and Sugar Cane Mountain Tea. 

Find them here.

7) TP Tea 茶湯會

famous bubble tea brands in taiwan - tp tea
Photo credit: instagram.com/wincyholic

TP tea strives to create a one-of-a-kind experience, working on the belief of building friendships over a good cup tea. Their outlets are made to reflect that, as this isn’t one of those places where you just grab your drink and go. Instead, they have a pleasant ambiance for customers to sit and hang out. Some must-trys include the Fresh Fruit Tea, TieGuanYin Tea Latte, Lemon Premium Jasmine Tea, and Pearl Black Tea Latte with Red Bean.

Find one here.

8) SOMA 特調飲品

famous bubble tea brands in taiwan - soma
Photo credit: instagram.com/somadrink

SOMA is one of the younger brands here, but it’s already making waves in the bubble tea scene. Partly thanks to its Instagram-friendly interiors, along with a fantastic menu selection with healthier dairy alternatives like almond and skimmed milk. Some of the recommended drinks include Black Sesame, High Mountain Milk Tea, SOMA Essentia Milk Tea, Nespresso Milk Tea, and White Almond Milk Tea.

Visit them here.

9) Jenjudan 珍煮丹

famous bubble tea brands in taiwan - soma
Photo credit: instagram.com/snacsnboba

Jenjudan started off as a small street vendor in Shilin Night Market and later grew popular for its brown sugar bubble tea creations, and drinks with topping such as grass jelly, red beans and yam pearls. For an ultimate sugar rush, try the menu’s signature Brown Sugar Boba Milk. Other popular items include Red Tea with Lemon, Black Sugar with Glass Jelly, Chocolate Latte, and Black Sugar with Lemon.

Visit one of their outlets here.

10) Coco 都可

famous bubble tea brands in taiwan - coco
Photo credit: instagram.com/yeh_0410

Coco is another famous bubble tea brand in Taiwan. In fact, they’re so famous they’ve expanded to over 2,500 franchises worldwide. They’re special because you can create your very own bubble tea. Simply choose a seasonal fruit, add toppings like coconut jelly or pearls (or both, if you’d like!), and watch them prepare your concoction. If you’d like to pick off their menu, try the Fruity Tropical Tea topped with salted whipped cream.

Find their outlets here.

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