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Top 8 Countries Open For Tourism in 2021 (Updated!)




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Covid-19 has many of us feeling stuck in time, wondering when’s the next time we can travel normally again. Although we might have certain hoops to jump through, travel is possible to certain countries. If you simply can’t wait anymore, here are top eight countries open for tourism with the least restrictions. We know that travel restrictions are constantly changing, so we’ll come back regularly to update this list. Make sure to save and bookmark this page!

1. Maldives

Photo credit: cnn.com

Known for its crystal blue waters and idyllic atmosphere, Maldives is one of the countries open for tourism without any nationality restrictions. The archipelago even has ambitious plans to vaccinate visitors after its residents achieve herd immunity! As of now, vaccinated travellers do not need to undergo quarantine, provided they are going to an island that is at least 60% fully vaccinated. They also have to fill in this health declaration, download the TraceEkee mobile app and stay at a registered accommodation. All other unvaccinated travelers must also have proof of a negative PCR test, obtained within 96 hours of departure.

2. Mexico

Photo credit: brittanica.com

Mexico welcomes travellers from all countries, with no mandatory testing or quarantine requirements. You do need to go through health screening on arrival if you’re coming from a high-risk country. Those exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19 will need to undergo quarantine. As of 7 June, no states are in the red zone. All passengers have to fill an online form and present it on arrival. Do note that land borders to the U.S. are still closed, and entry is only possible by air.

3. Spain

Photo credit: cnn.com
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Travelers from the EU, the Schengen area, or from another country with a reciprocal agreement with Spain are allowed to travel to Spain. Residents of non-EU nations such as the United Kingdom, Australia, China, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Singapore and Thailand are also allowed to visit (sorry Americans). All travellers must complete a digital health form and provide a negative test taken within 72 hours of arrival in Spain. The country has said that it would open up to all vaccinated travellers, but further details are not out yet. Stay tuned!

4. Costa Rica

costa rica
Photo credit: worldnomads.com

The country is not just a backpacker’s paradise, but it’s also becoming a hub for digital nomads and remote workers. The country is now open to tourists worldwide, without any testing or quarantine requirements. However, they do need to have travel insurance covering lodging of up to US$2,000 in the event of quarantine, as well as Covid-19 medical expenses of at least US$50,000. Travellers also need to complete an online health pass

5. Egypt

Photo credit: milichronicle.com

Egypt has been open to international travellers since July 2020 in a bid to help boost its tourism industry. No quarantine is required, however travellers need to produce a negative test taken no more than 72 hours before departure. It is possible to explore Egypt’s historical sites, as museums, temples and archeological sites are open for visit. Make sure you also have travel insurance that provides coverage for Covid-19! If you’re wondering about safety (not just on the Covid front), read more from Nellie who recently travelled to Egypt. 

6. Belize

Photo credit: cnn.com
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Belize is open for tourism regardless of nationality. No quarantine is required, unless you test positive in the airports’ random screenings. Unvaccinated passengers will need to provide a negative PCR test 96 hours before boarding. Everyone must download the Belize Health App and provide their information before travel. There are no restrictions on movement, but visitors need to stay at Gold Standard hotels. They are also advised to use the Tourism Safe Corridor of Gold Standard restaurants, tour operators, sites and attractions.

7. Seychelles

Photo credit: traveltriangle.com

This beautiful archipelago in South Africa is welcoming international visitors, as long as they have a negative PCR test done within 72 hours of departure. No quarantine required! Travellers will also have to obtain a Health Travel Authorization, and have travel insurance that provides coverage for Covid-19. Most places of interests are open for visits, albeit with health protocols and new time of operation. Call to check ahead to avoid any disappointments!

8. Dominican Republic

dominican republic
Photo credit: worldnomads.com

Another beach getaway destination, Dominican Republic is open for international travel from all countries. Unlike many other countries open for tourism, you also do not need to present a negative PCR test, unless you are coming from Brazil, South Africa or India. There will also be random breath tests conducted for 3% to 15% of passengers at airports and ports of entry. Passengers must complete an electronic entry form which will generate a QR code. This must be presented upon arrival.

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