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10 Best Travel Blogs to Follow in 2021




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We’ve definitely been feeling a twinge of heartache whenever we’re reminded of the state of the world, and how travel won’t be resuming anytime soon. Apart from burying our heads in travel books, we’ve also been spending late nights on our computers, living vicariously through the adventures of other travel bloggers. We’re not talking about Instagram models basking under the sun. We’re talking about authentic writing, beautiful pictures and above all, honest experiences. From our time spent poring through the web, these are the best travel blogs to follow in 2021! 

1. Wandering Earl

best travel blogs to follow - wandering earl
Photo credit: wanderingearl.com

Derek from Wandering Earl is one of the pioneers in the travel blogging scene. He’s been travelling the world since 1999, before blogging was even a thing! We love Derek not just for his stories, but also because he provides lots of insight and advice for fellow travellers. He includes both the highs and the lows of constant travel and not having a home base, which is a refreshing perspective from the many other travel pages out there. Whether you’re seeking practical advice or insane stories (like the time he got kidnapped in Bangladesh), you’re sure to enjoy Derek’s blog.

2. Expert Vagabond

best travel blogs to follow - expert vagabond
Photo credit: expertvagabond.com

Matt was an underpaid photographer in 2010, and today he’s one of the most popular travel bloggers. He’s been featured by Nat Geo, Lonely Planet, New York Times and more. How did he make it happen? He shares it all on Expert Vagabond. Apart from being a great source for aspiring travel photographers, Matt also seeks out exciting adventures, such as camping on an erupting volcano. He also travels solo or with his family, so he’s got tips for different types of travellers, making it one of the best travel blogs to follow.

3. Goats on the Road

best travel blogs to follow - goats on the road
Photo credit: @goatsontheroad
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Nick and Dariece are a couple from Canada and they’ve been travelling the world since 2008. They’re passionate about helping others earn a living remotely, and Goats on the Road has many in-depth, useful, first-hand information. From blogging courses, free e-books and articles on, the blog is great for those who also aspire to work and travel at the same time. They are essentially a blog for travel bloggers, remote workers and English teachers. They just love sharing about their travels from time to time!

4. BucketListly Blog

best travel blogs to follow - bucketlistly
Photo credit: bucketlistly.blog

Asian travel bloggers are terribly under-represented in the travel blogging scene. Although Asian stereotypes will not disappear in a day, we’re looking to play our part in changing that! Pete is a solo traveller from Thailand. On BucketListly Blog, he shares what it’s like travelling the world with a third-world passport. The blog is where backpackers and those who like full control over their trips can find real accounts and detailed information. Pete’s unique voice is down-to-earth, and we love his complete honesty, like when he shared how the pandemic has affected him.

5. The Blonde Abroad

best travel blogs to follow - the blonde abroad
Photo credit: thriveglobal.com

The Blonde Abroad is a very aesthetically pleasing blog geared towards solo female travellers. We can only imagine just how much time it takes to have your blog looking this good! Kiki created the blog to help other women find confidence to travel the world. On her site, you’ll find countless resources on everything from solo travel to packing guides to photography tips. Kiki and her husband also just purchased their own home, so you can expect even more diverse content in the coming weeks and months!

6. Wild Junket

best travel blogs to follow - wild junket
Photo credit: wildjunket.com
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More Asian representation? Yes please! Nellie is a Singaporean by birth, and global citizen by choice. On Wild Junket, she shares all about her travels across 143 countries. Becoming a mother hasn’t stopped her from travelling either! In fact, it spurred her on even more, believing that travelling is the best form of education. In 2020, she bought a campervan with her husband, and she shares how having a home on wheels is the best way to continue exploring, while still keeping safe from Covid-19.

7. Spirited Pursuit

best travel blogs to follow - spirited pursuit
Photo credit: spiritedpursuit.com

Lee has one of the best travel blogs to follow simply because of her mission. She was born in Cameroon and moved to the U.S. at nine. 20 years later, she quit her corporate job, sold all her belongings to move back to Africa and travel throughout the continent. It might sound crazy, but the answer is simple for her. Africa needs more Africans to tell her story. In Spirited Pursuit, Lee provides a much-needed representation of what Africa has to offer, beyond the volunteer work and safari adventures. Alongside her travels, Lee also hosts creative retreats, and shares tips on how to run your own business. 

8. The Points Guy

best travel blogs to follow - the points guy
Photo credit: firstclasse.com.my

The Points Guy is an expert in using credit cards and rewards to travel and stay for free. Brian has been ‘travel hacking’ for years now, making him one of the best blogs to follow for savvy, financially conscious tips. What started out as a points-and-miles blog is now a lifestyle media brand with millions of audience. Even if you’re not especially financially savvy, you’re sure to pick up some useful pointers. After all, who doesn’t like getting at least one international flight free each year!?

9. Not a Nomad Blog

best travel blogs to follow - not a nomad blog
Photo credit: notanomadblog.com
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Love visiting IG-worthy spots and getting that perfect shot for Instagram? Not a Nomad Blog shares the best photography locations, so you don’t miss out on the best sights. Monica also shares tips for finding work abroad and travel tips for European destinations. Dropping everything to travel the world is not for everyone, and Monica understands that with lots of helpful insight into holding a stable job and traveling the world. Who says you can’t do both?

10. The Travel Book

best travel blogs to follow - the travel book
Photo credit: @thetravelbook

The Travel Book has a very specific mission: to prove that it’s possible to travel sustainably, without compromising on quality, luxury, or great holiday experiences. Ras and Karo share lots of useful tips on eco-friendly travel, from eating green on the road, to sustainable vacation ideas. Most travel blogs don’t address the negative impacts of travel, but the couple jumps right in about how they’re learning to reduce these effects. Not to mention, their travel pictures are absolutely stunning!

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