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7 Best Places to See Cherry Blossoms in Korea




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South Korea may not be as world-famous as Japan when it comes to cherry blossoms, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have its fair share of pretty pink blooms. Cherry blossoms in Korea not only mark the end of winter and the beginning of spring. It also marks a number of festivals where people can come together to see the cherry blossoms in all their glory and soak up the spring sunshine! Here are some of the best places to see cherry blossoms in Korea. Make sure to bookmark this page so you can come back to it when travelling becomes ‘normal’ again!

1. Yeouido Island

cherry blossoms in korea - yeouido
Photo credit: rove.me

If you’re in Seoul, the most popular place to catch the cherry blossoms is in Yeouido Island. This is where the Yeouido Spring Flower Festival takes place and around 1,400 trees enter into full bloom. During this time, there are also a variety of street food vendors, street performances and entertaining exhibits, making the festival a great place to enjoy some activities in the great outdoors, especially after a long and cold winter.

2. Seokchon Lake

seokchon lake
Photo credit: 90daykorean.com

Another accessible spot for cherry blossoms in Seoul is Seokchon Lake, where the Seokchon Lake Cherry Blossom Festival takes place. The man-made lake surrounds the nearby Lotte World Amusement Park, which not only makes for beautiful photo opportunities, but also offers a chance for some extra fun at the park afterwards!

3. Seoul Forest

cherry blossoms in korea - seoul forest
Photo credit: koreatodo.com
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If you wanna get away from the crowd, Seoul Forest has plenty of space for people to spread out. While it’s definitely popular, it’s not the most popular spot for cherry blossoms in Korea, so the number of people should feel less overwhelming. This is the perfect spot for a picnic with friends or your significant other, so make sure to pack along some snacks and a mat.

4. Nami Island

nami island
Photo credit: tong.visitkorea.or.kr

Outside of Seoul, Nami Island is a beautiful countryside destination to see the cherry blossoms. In addition to the blooms, there is also a theme park, shooting range, skating rink and other activities, making it a great spot for families. For loved up couples, you can stroll hand in hand along tree lined paths and have a picnic in its open fields, all while enjoying each other’s company. Did we also mention that Nami Island is a filming location for the incredibly popular Winter Sonata? There is something here for kdrama fans too!

5. Jinhae

cherry blossoms in korea - jinhae
Photo credit: klook.com

The Jinhae Gunhangje Festival is perhaps the most popular cherry blossom festival in Korea, with 360,000 cherry blossom trees bursting into bloom across the city. The top spots to enjoy the spring vibes are Anmingogae Hill, Jehwangsan Park, and Yeojwacheon Stream. In addition to the spectacular displays of cherry blossom trees, the festival also gives visitors the opportunity to tour the usually restricted naval base. Here, you can learn about Admiral Lee Sun-Shin and see a replica of one of his famous Turtle Ships!

6. Jeju

Photo credit: thesoulofseoul.net
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Thanks to its southernmost location and slightly warmer climate, cherry blossoms in Korea bloom in Jeju first. Head over to the Jeju Sports Complex in downtown Seogwipo for the Jeju King Cherry Blossom Festival, and to see the King Cherry Trees. Of all the cherry blossom trees, they have the largest and most luxurious petals! Peak bloom only lasts for two to three days and the King Cherry Trees aren’t the easiest to find in Korea. If you can only make it to one festival, you should make it this one!

7. Hwagae

Photo credit: thereshegoesagain.org


Every late March to early April, Gyeongsangnam-do comes alive with beautiful cherry blossoms. The most popular part of the Hwagae Cherry Blossom Festival is the ‘10ri Cherry Blossom Road’. Otherwise known as the ‘Marriage Road’, it is a four-kilometer long stretch of cherry blossom trees. It is said that lovers who walk hand-in-hand under the trees will get married and live happily ever after!

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