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7 Best Coffee Shops in Athens to Explore the Local Coffee Culture




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If there’s one thing Athens is great at (apart from art, music, culture and community), it’s coffee. Athenians love going out, and they don’t wait until it’s the weekend to hang out with friends at a coffee shop. You can find them in many quarters, some so packed with locals that they spill out into the streets. Over here, drinking coffee is like brushing your teeth and washing your face in the morning. It’s a necessity and a daily ritual. Want to experience the local coffee culture? Here are our picks of the best coffee shops in Athens!

1. TAF Coffee

best coffee shops in athens - taf
Photo credit: afar.com

Hidden away within the narrow streets of Monastiraki, TAF Coffee is invisible to unsuspicious passerbys. Inside, you find a respite from the crowd. As one of the best coffee shops in Athens, they are also the first specialty coffee shop to open here! As a pioneer in the local coffee scene, TAF sources a variety of beans from all over the world, and their house espresso blend Rosebud is award-winning. Apart from great coffee, TAF also houses a gallery, which hosts the works of contemporary artists, events, and workshops.

2. Mr Bean Coffee Roasters

best coffee shops in athens - mr bean
Photo credit: bigseventravel.com

Not affiliated with the comedic character, but you will find some great beans and coffee here. Their house blend is a chocolatey brew from Brazil and Guatemala that pairs beautifully with one of their yummy pastries. Apart from espresso there are also plenty of other brewing options available, including cold brew. With floor-to-ceiling windows, the coffee shop has lots of natural light and the vibe here is very welcoming. Makes for a wonderful hang out spot for a coffee or two!

3. Peek a Bloom

peek a bloom
Photo credit: olivemagazine.gr
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Conveniently located near Syntagma square, this cool, shady alleyway makes Peek a Bloom a favourite amongst locals and tourists alike. They source coffee beans from Nordic Approach and roast onsite in a separate space behind the counter. You get to see all the action thanks to the large windows! The coffee shop serves crafted espresso drinks as well as filtered coffee drinks, and by night they serve up fancy cocktails. If you’re here during the day, we also highly recommend digging into their food menu!

4. The Underdog

the underdog
Photo credit: thecoffeevine.com

The Underdog is widely regarded as one of the best coffee shops in Athens. Set in a picturesque pedestrian street close to Thissio metro station, it is also a roastery and bar by night. On any given day, you’ll find ten espresso roasts from Brazil, Colombia, Panama, Ethiopia or Kenya. Make sure to try one of their specialty coffees, especially their flat white!

5. Kaya

best coffee shops in athens -kaya
Photo credit: thecoffeevine.com

If you’re in central Athens, make sure to pop by Kaya. You’ll find them inside the Stoa Bolani shopping complex. The coffee here is very affordable, and apart from their house blend, there is a nice range of local roasters and their single origin rotating in five grinders. They truly have some of the best espressos you can find in Athens. Perhaps the only downside is that you can only get your coffee as takeaway here, but it makes for a great pick-me-up before you continue exploring the town!

6. Kudu Coffee Roasters

best coffee shops in athens - kudu
Photo credit: archisearch.gr
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This modern coffee shop prepares their coffee using the latest extraction methods, and you can tell that they really put their heart into each and every cup of coffee. Every batch undergoes a number of quality checks and they are all individually tasted. They roast daily, placing great focus on freshness and sustainability from seed to cup. Apart from great coffee, Kudu also holds cupping and brewing classes for its customers. Serious coffee lovers can take an 18-hour barista workshop here!

7. Stylítēs

Photo credit: infowoman.gr

Stylítēs is famous for its traditional Greek coffee, and a visit here definitely feels like a trip back in time. We love their vintage decor, and you’ll find everything from typewriters, music boxes, old lamps, clocks and even goblins hanging from the ceiling. If you’re feeling peckish, pair your coffee with some tarts or cakes. You can also find a selection of handmade hot chocolates, served in a tray of biscuits and chocolate flakes. This place is every coffee and chocolate lover’s dream come true!

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