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6 Food Travel Bloggers You Need to Know




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Here at Fravel, one of the things we love is travelling, and another is food. But do you know what it is that we love more? When the both of them go together! We also love food travel bloggers that give us all the inside scoop on the best places to eat. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, places to eat for special diets or just things to read, here’s a list of our favourite food travel bloggers. We hope you’ll find them inspiring too!

1. Migrationology

food travel bloggers - migrationology
Photo credit: cooksoncamera.com

Migrationology is the blog where people who love food and travel discover delicious local food and travel tips. There’s not a lot of people in the world who would travel just for a delicious dish, but Mark Wiens does that exactly. No matter what your tastes are, where you’re traveling to, Mark’s got you covered with his detailed articles ranging from Pakistani street food, Peru food guide, and even the best airplane food. He also runs an ultimate Bangkok food tour with Bangkok Vanguards that is available for booking. Apart from his blog, you can also follow along on his food adventures on his YouTube page!

2. Will Fly for Food

will fly for food
Photo credit: willflyforfood.net

Run by JB and Renée, Will Fly For Food is a travel blog for the gastronomically inclined. The couple is based in the Philippines, and have made it their mission to try every country’s national dish(es). One thing to know is that JB and Renée are not fans of touristy restaurants, and will always try to find the best local food experiences in every destination. We also love their comprehensive travel guides that’s extremely useful in planning trips! Apart from sharing great eats and travel tips, JB and Renée also write about food photography from time to time.

3. 2foodtrippers

food travel bloggers - 2foodtrippers
Photo credit: 2foodtrippers.net
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As food travel bloggers and culinary influencers, Daryl and Mindi travel the world in search of the next great meal. They eat it all from street food, to haute cuisine and everything in between! They left home and hit the road for three years to pursue the world’s best food and culinary experiences. Now, the couple is based in Lisbon and travel slowly to create comprehensive food travel guides. Want to find the best food, coffee, wine and beer in cities around the world? You won’t go wrong with Daryl and Mindi’s recommendations.

4. Authentic Food Quest

Partners in life and business, Rosemary and Claire are digital nomads, food travel bloggers and the culinary explorers behind Authentic Food Quest. Believing that the best way to travel is through local food experiences, the duo hopes to impact people by sharing their stories and experiences. On their blog, you can find authentic dishes and drinks, the best cooking classes, food tours, unique restaurants, travel-inspired recipes, and more. Follow their journey and forge deeper connections with the food, place, culture, and the people behind the food.

5. Bucket List Journey

bucket list journey
Photo credit: marccarppelletti.com

If you’re into travel and food, history and culture, and a healthy dash of outdoor fun, then you’re most definitely in the right place. Apart from running an Italian restaurant, Annette also does some incredible things. Think piranha fishing, kayaking with whales, rappelling down a waterfall and many more! Between her adventures and experience in culinary, Annette is an expert when it comes to food and travel. Her focus on food inherent to the local culture gives you a window straight to the heart of many cities around the world.

6. Bacon is Magic

bacon is magic
Photo credit: facebook.com/baconismagic
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Bacon is Magic is a culinary travel blog featuring the people and places behind meals around the world. If you want to avoid tourist traps and have an authentic local culture experience through food, then you’re in the right place. The team not only features the best food around the world, but also how to make it at home! Coming a long way since she started the blog, Ayngelina now manages her small team of contributors and also creates travel videos on YouTube!

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